Christmas Soiree

The Christmas Soiree was thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended but Covid/Omicron sadly curtailed the numbers down by 20.  However, under the circumstances this couldn’t be avoided.
Our entertainment was provided by The Travelling Ukes and headed up by our very own Rob Grant together with his fellow players Neil and John.  Their music and Christmas songs really got us into the Christmas spirit and together with the jumper competition provided further smiles.


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General News

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Friday evening is Club Night. Come along for a roll up and bring your friends, family and neighbours for a social get together.   Read more

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Colleen has arranged for us to have our own supporters' page. There is a clear option to cancel whenever you like. You will need to register first so be prepared with email address and a password of at least 6 digits. You can select your own 6 numbers or press a button to let the system choose.  Payment options are either direct debit or card.  It says use a debit card as banks are obliged to charge interest if a credit card is used. Please use link below  



The WEBC Lottery run by Val Baker is, of course, still up and running.  

 Water boiler/heater in the kitchen  

To use it, switch on at the wall and wait for it to heat up (about 5 minutes) and it's ready to go. You can use the water straight from the boiler to make tea and coffee, etc.  However, please be careful as the water gets very hot. 

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