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Surrey Area Competitions 2023 

Many thanks to Ivor Powell for providing the updates..

We played Old Dean A on Saturday 19 August and result was a 2 point win for Old Dean.
HOME    Brian, Mark and Kevin lost 17-20.
AWAY    Gordon, Dave and Graham won 18-17.
Old Dean won a very closely contested match with the lead changing every few ends and mobile phones from the Old Dean bleeping constantly for updates. A 2 point loss, although disappointing, was another valiant match against an old enemy who we are getting nearer to matching with every contest.
That is the end of our journey in this year’s external tournaments and I would like to thank all who competed and who I believe held West End’s flag, fluttering high this season.

Competitions available 2023


A&D Coventry Cup - Men
A&D Various Men's Competitions 
Coronation Cup - Men

Heathfield Cup - Ladies

Heathfield Cup – Men
National Tony Allcock - Mixed
National Top Club - Ladies
Various Competitions - Ladies
NWS Various Competitions - Men
NWS Various Competitions - Mixed
Surrey Area 4 Top 4 - Men
Surrey Various Competitions - Ladies
Surrey Various Competitions - Men
Surrey Various Competitions - Mixed
West Surrey Various Competitions - Ladies
West Surrey Various Competitions - Men
West Surrey Various Competitions - Mixed

West Surrey Harry Mills - Men

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