Surrey Hampshire and Berkshire (SHAB League)  23 May

Back to The Future   

Firstly, can I thank all who participate and continue to do so in Short Mat Bowls at West End and to those who promote and organise sessions. Secondly welcome to all new / potential new bowlers at the Club.


The past couple of seasons have been Covid compromised and indeed only the Woking League proceeded pretty much as scheduled last year. The SHAB League was reduced to just a single rink knock out competition preceded by a Group Stage.


So Back to the Future … The SHAB Management Committee are intending to try and get the League back to its full status (as we left it two years ago) and begin play across the three divisions from mid October 2022.


Before they formulate the leagues they need a commitment from participating clubs, so the question is are we in a position to commit to the season, in what capacity, and with how many teams. I’m hoping we can field a team this year, it will require 8 people per match in two rinks (4s), so a core of 12 people minimum I’d suggest. 


Please can you let me know if you are interested in playing in the league matches home and away ASAP, it’s great fun with an element of competition too. I know that everyone that rolls up on Tuesday evenings during the Winter and those Friday morning bowlers would enjoy the matches and we have two very experienced bowlers who, hopefully, will be available to skip our two teams.


A reminder too that we will be trialling Saturday morning roll ups from 11th June; new bowlers are more than welcome to join in league matches and I encourage you to get involved.  

Look forward to hearing back from you very soon.

Warmest regards,

Simon Booth